iSnob all about Fashion Snob's choice.

iSNOB is a platform hosting hundreds of top-notch experts in every field of Fashion & Lifestyle. They rank Top 10 list in Fashion, Accessories, Styles, Beauty, Fine Dining, Wine & Liquor, Design, and Artworks, etc. It is a Michelin Guide, of China Fashion & Lifestyle for elite consumers.

The App occupied the first place for consecutive 43 days in App Store Lifestyle (Paid App) since its debut in July 2016. It has become the most trustworthy guide for Chinese luxury consumers.

iDS is a community of independent, diversified, and sophisticated people.

iDS is a Chinese Quara in Fashion & Lifestyle.  Our community of Fashion & Lifestyle industry insiders helps you with their professional recommendations of elegant taste for anything you may ever want in Fashion and Lifestyle.

The community produces numerous fine answers to people’s questions including:

  • Young and Stylish fashion inspirations
  • Niche brand reviews of cosmetics and skincare products
  • Diversified tastes on Fine Boutique
  • Healthy consumer concepts of fashion & lifestyle
  • Tips on oversea online shopping

iDS provides you the true, trustworthy, and professional opinions.

In July 2016, a group of people become the first members of the community, by invitation.  They are Fashion Editors, Sommeliers, PRs of Luxury Brands, and popular Bloggers. They are obsessed with the App iDS, spending hours daily in the online community, creating thousands answers and recommendations on Fashion and Luxury consumptions.   The App is totally addicting, simply because before it there had never been such a social platform in China gathering so many professionals & insiders with elegant tastes on fashion, lifestyle, and Boutique, that can provide users the helpful and trustworthy information.

The App will be open to public in October 2016. Every expert and opinion leader in the community will then have their own followers.  We will gradually release more social media functions of the App.

iDS is a community built for the people who are extremely selective.  It helps them to discover the better and best in their lives, together with the right friends.